A Global Team For Human Performance

We are a global team focused on elevating human performance through data and artificial intelligence. We currently have employees working with us in the U.S., Israel, U.K., and Portugal.


Tal Brown
CEO & Co-Founder
Tal Brown
A technical leader with more than two decades’ experience across product development, and aligning technology solutions with business requirements.
Eyal Eliakim
CTO & Co-Founder
Eyal Eliakim
An experienced Data Scientist and Performance Analyst with a passion for uncovering original insights across the sports industry.
Rich Buchanan
Performance Director
Rich Buchanan
A Chartered Physiotherapist that has held performance roles with the Premier League, Swansea City AFC, FA of Wales, and DC United.
Director of Data Science
Eran Paz
An experienced data science and deep learning researcher and team leader with more than a decade of experience within technology and insurance.
Myles McGinley
Chief Of Staff
Myles McGinley
An astute strategist with a keen eye for knowledge management and organisational processes across an array of different industries.
Data Research Analyst
Ben Mackenzie
Former sports scientist who spent 16 years working in professional football before retraining as a software engineer and data scientist.
VP, Research & Development
Idan Kepten
A technical leader with a proven record of creating engineering groups that build production grade products.
Director of Engineering
Nir Arkin
A leading engineer with years of experience in various software domains such as Billing, Networks, Finance, Databases, and Cloud Technologies.
HR & Opperations Manager
Ronit Machni
A highly skilled human resources manager with over twenty years of experience in strategic HR planning and execution.


Independent Director
Lawrence Burian
Successful sports, media, and entertainment executive who now acts as an advisor to Executive teams of MSG-affiliated companies.
Board Member
Bruce Taragin
Managing director at Blumberg Capital with over 25 years experience as a VC investor, entrepreneur, investment banker and corporate attorney.
Board Advisor
Roger Mitchell
Founder of C-Suite advisory firm Albachiara, former SPL chief executive entered the sports industry from an investment banking background.
Board Advisor
Eitan Gelber
A senior clinician who has held leadership roles Stanford's athletic department and has worked with many Olympic champions through out his career.
Board Advisor
Daniel Burns
Managing Partner at Oakvale with over 25 years of experience in Sports Tech executive leadership and financing.
Performance Consultant
Jo Clubb
Experienced practitioner who has held roles in the Premier League (Chelsea and Brighton & Hove Albion), NFL (Buffalo Bills) and NHL (Buffalo Sabres)
Performance Consultant
Barry Drust
Applied exercise physiologist recognised internationally for his research in the area of football performance and player preparation.
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