Retrospective Analysis of EFL Championship Club

Zone7 conducted a retrospective analysis of injuries sustained by an EFL Championship club’s players during the 2019/20 season.

The analysis includes the risk assessment that would have been provided by the Zone7 platform the night before the injury occurred if it was used at the time.

The analysis consists of all types of injuries included in the documentation provided by the club and sustained by players included in the analysis.

The analysis consists of 29 players who were part of the first team squad at some point during this season. On average 22 players were analysed per day.

The retrospective analysis we performed shows that the Zone7 injury risk forecasting platform could have detected 25 to 35 injuries in advance (71%).

Moreover, when examining the length of absences caused by the injuries included in the analysis, we see that injured detected in advance by the Zone7 platform accounted for 603 man days lost (64%).