Retrospective Analysis of a Team Competing in LaLiga 2

Zone7 conducted an audit report of injuries sustained by players at an anonymous team during the 2021/22 season. The team was competing in LaLiga 2, the second highest tier of Spanish football.

The report includes the risk assessment that would have been provided by the Zone7 platform for each player on the day it was actively being actively used at the time.

This consists of all types of injuries included in the documentation provided by the club and sustained by players included in the analysis.

The audit consisted of 23 players who were part of the club’s first team at some point in the period included in this analysis. On average, Zone7 analysed 21 player per day.

The report that we performed showed that the Zone7 injury risk forecasting platform could have accurately forecast 19 of 24 injuries in advance (79%).

Moreover, when examining the length of absences caused by the injuries included in the analysis, we see that the injuries forecast in advance by the Zone7 platform accounted for 476 man-days lost out of a total 709 (67%) of the absences.

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