QPR improve on already excellent player availability


During the 2021/22 EFL Championship season, Dr Imtiaz Ahmad, Daryl Martin, First-Team Physiotherapist and other members of the multi-disciplinary (MDT) support staff at Queens Park Rangers FC (QPR), adopted Zone7 into their environment to assist with their player injury mitigation processes.

The details contained within this case study are a reflection of the impact Zone7 insights had when combined with the professional expertise of the MDT support staff at QPR.

Full transparency concerning injuries and days lost was afforded Zone7 during the 2021/22 season and as a result Zone7 was able to generate the information contained within this report.

However, for the purpose of the report, data relating to days lost as a result of Covid-19 and other illnesses were omitted from the dataset analysed, as was all data for goalkeepers and any injuries sustained to outfield players with less than 28 days of data preceding an injury.

The analysis consists of 21 outfield players who were part of the QPR squad at some point during the EFL Championship season 2021/22 in which the team played 53 competitive matches.

Key Statistics: 

  • 35% reduction in days lost due to injuries per game played (vs. prior season)
  • 33% reduction in injuries per game played
  • 26% reduction in non-contact injuries sustained per game played
  • This equates to £315,240 of salaries that would have been paid to players ineligible for selection due to injury the season prior (average figure based on EFL Championship salary data from capology.com)
  • For the 28 injuries that QPR did sustain, Zone7 accurately forecasted 50% as being medium or high risk in the 7 days leading up to the injury occurrence.
  • Overall days lost to injury fell from 1,178 to 965

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