Leeds United Adopts Zone7 for Data-Driven Injury Risk Reduction

AI-based risk detection and recommendation platform will support medical and physio teams in athlete performance management
PALO ALTO, CA., June 20, 2022 – Zone7, the AI-driven human performance platform, and Leeds United FC (“Leeds United”), have today announced a strategic partnership that sees the English Premier League outfit adopt Zone7’s injury risk solution across its first team coaching and medical departments. “The coaching and performance staff at Leeds United have a strong, data-informed approach to their training methodology,” said Rich Buchanan, Director of Performance at Zone7. “This creates a perfect environment for our technology to synchronize different datasets, provide accurate alerts for heightened risk, and create actionable suggestions to lower injury likelihood, all whilst continuing to expose players to the optimal training stimulus that ensures they can perform at their best on the field.” As winners of the EFL Championship in 2019/2020, Leeds United returned to England’s flight after 16 years away in the 2020/2021 season. In doing so, they secured the most points for a newly promoted side in two decades (59). “As we prepare for a third season in the Premier League, we are consciously improving and moving towards a more holistic approach to fitness that benefits our players’ recovery between fixtures,” said Victor Orta, Director of Football at Leeds United. “Zone7 is the perfect partner to help us harmonize the data we’ve been collecting, optimize player performance, and lower injury incident rates.” Zone7 analyses comprehensive player data, including in-game and training positioning information, as well as biometric, strength, sleep, and stress levels. The platform, in turn, identifies undetected risk patterns, creates real-time injury threat alerts, and offers practical intervention methods to help guide and inform coaches’ decision-making. Zone7 has helped other leading football (soccer) teams reduce injury incidence rates by as much as 50%. In the last 12 months, Zone7 has also onboarded new adopters across La Liga, Premiership Rugby, and the National Football League (NFL). About Zone7 Zone7 is a proprietary artificial intelligence platform committed to helping clients mitigate risk and reach full functionality. By analyzing disparate datasets, the technology detects patterns, uncovers original insights, and makes proactive recommendations that optimize for peak performance and injury prevention. Founded in 2017 by CEO Tal Brown and CTO Eyal Eliakim, Zone7 has logged more than 200 million hours of athletic action, and is used by professional teams across the EPL, MLS, NFL, La Liga, Serie A, as well as professional rugby and cycling. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, with offices in Tel Aviv and London. For more information, please visit Zone7.ai, or follow Zone7 on Twitter and LinkedIn.
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