Zone7 and Math&Sport Team Up to Enhance Sports Performance Analytics in Serie A

AI-based risk detection and recommendation platform announces a strategic partnership with Math&Sport aimed at further enhancing sports performance analytics in Italy.

Zone7, the AI-powered human performance platform, and Math&Sport (M&S), a leader in sports technology solutions, are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at further enhancing sports performance analytics in Italy.

Zone7, which is already trusted in the country by the reigning Serie A champions SSC Napoli and Virtus Entella, will work in collaboration with M&S to provide even more comprehensive performance data offerings to the top tier of Italian football.

M&S has established itself as a trusted partner of Italian clubs and Lega Serie A. So much so that its “Im Coach” application was installed onto tablets and provided en-masse to the benches of all teams competing in Serie A TIM. 

“We are thrilled to join forces with M&S, a company known for its excellence in sports technology,” said Tal Brown, Co-Founder and CEO of Zone7. “This partnership marks an exciting step forward in delivering AI-driven insights to the summit of Italian football. Together, we aim to empower these teams with the tools they need to reach peak performance levels.”

Adding to M&S’s offers, which harnesses mathematical models and analytics to provide real-time performance insights, coaches, players, and teams will now also be able to benefit from game day player health and readiness insights powered by Zone7’s state of the art artificial intelligence platform. Zone7’s technology includes capabilities to proactively suggest training personalizations and advanced injury risk management.The technology is deployed across the Premier League, MLS and global soccer. 

“Math&Sport is dedicated to revolutionizing sports through technology, and our collaboration with Zone7 exemplifies this commitment,” said Adriano Baconi, CEO of M&S. “We are excited to offer another layer of analytics to our coaches and staff members across the Serie A.”

The partnership between Zone7 and M&S represents a significant milestone in the evolution of sports performance analysis in Italy. Together, they aim to empower Italian sports organizations to achieve new heights in performance and athlete well-being.

About Zone7

Zone7 is a proprietary artificial intelligence platform committed to helping sporting organizations unlock greater performance data insights. By analyzing disparate datasets, the technology detects patterns, uncovers insights, and makes proactive training recommendations that enable load management, elevate athlete performance and reduce overall injury risk.

Founded in 2017 by CEO Tal Brown and CTO Eyal Eliakim, Zone7 has logged more than 200 million hours of athletic action, and is used by professional teams across the EPL, MLS, NFL, La Liga, Serie A, and professional rugby. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, with offices in Tel Aviv and London.

For more information about Zone7, please visit

About Math&Sport

Founded as a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano, Math&Sport is a sports technology company specializing in innovative solutions for performance analysis. 

With its roots in the academical world, the company was born to analyze sport performance data in real time with advanced mathematical modeling and machine learning techniques to help all the stakeholders in the sport industry to reach their goals. 

The company boasts Lega Serie A, DAZN and the Italian Football Federation among its football clients, as well as branching out to serve other sports such as volleyball, golf, and tennis. The company is headquartered in Milan. 

To learn more about M&S, visit

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