Zone7 Expands Service To Liverpool FC

AI-based risk detection and recommendation platform will support medical and physio teams in athlete performance management

Zone7 is expanding its service to Liverpool Football Club (“Liverpool FC”), a leading professional football club in the English Premier League, for a further two years and will cover the men’s, women’s and Under 23 teams.

Liverpool FC has been using Zone7’s technology since the start of the 2021/2022 season. The platform analyzes comprehensive player information, including in-game and training data, as well as biometric, strength, sleep, and stress levels to create injury risk signals and practical intervention methods that aim to improve athlete performance while lowering injury incident rates. 

“Zone7 has been a helpful resource over the last nine months, supporting our internal load monitoring systems to help optimise the level of care that the Fitness and Medical Team provides to each player on a daily basis,” said Conall Murtagh, First-Team Fitness Coach for Liverpool FC. 

“The platform’s innovative features, underpinned by artificial intelligence, have the ability to harness all forms of athlete performance data. It is a very exciting development for the future load management of elite football players. We look forward to the service expanding to cover our women’s and under 23 teams.”

Tal Brown, Co-Founder and CEO of Zone7, added: “We are delighted and humbled to continue our work alongside Liverpool FC’s world class fitness, medical and data operators. The Club has been a true pioneer in data science adoption across several functions.”

Liverpool FC is one of England’s most successful clubs, both currently and historically. In recent years, the men’s first team has won the EFL’s Carabao Cup (2022), its first Premier League title (2020), the FIFA Club World Cup (2019), as well as its sixth European Cup (2019). For several reasons, the men’s first team has seen a reduction in non-contact injuries compared to the previous seasons.

Zone7 has helped other leading football (soccer) teams reduce injury incidence rates by as much as 50%. In the last 12 months, the Company has also onboarded new adopters across La Liga, the National Football League (NFL), and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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