White Paper: Applications of Artificial Intelligence Within High Performance Sport

Late last year, Jo Clubb, an experienced Sports Science Consultant, sought to canvas industry opinion on artificial intelligence (AI) in high performance sport.

In response, she received an array of questions and comments, from both practitioners and researchers all over the globe.

Working closely with Tal Brown, Eyal Eliakim, Rich Buchanan, and Eran Paz from Zone7, we have worked together to create a report which aims to delve deeper into the key themes that emanated from that discussion, including…

  1. Definition: What does AI and ML mean?
  2. Inputs: Data quantity and quality
  3. Context: Incorporating situational factors
  4. Transparency: Validation of and access to the algorithms
  5. Outputs: Injury risk and load management as outcomes
  6. Application: How do practitioners apply the outputs?

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