Sportsmith Live: Applications of AI Within High Performance Environments

Zone7, in partnership with Sportsmith, recently hosted a live roundtable discussion with Celtic FC's Glen Driscoll and University of Birmingham's Barry Drust to discuss applications of AI.

In a recent Sportsmith Live roundtable discussion, founder Rob Pacey was joined by Head of Performance at Celtic FC, Glen Driscoll, Professor of Applied Exercise Physiology at the University of Birmingham, Barry Drust and Performance Director at Zone7, Rich Buchanan.

Together, they explored critical aspects such as the influence of sports science on player management, the role of technology in the next decade, due diligence in sports tech adoption, and injury risk forecasting and expected player availability (xPA).

    Influence of Sport Science on Player Management: The first topic of discussion revolved around the profound impact that sports science and performance support staff can have on managing players and athletes. Glen Driscoll, drawing from his experience at Celtic FC, highlighted the pivotal role played by performance professionals in optimising athlete performance, injury prevention, and overall well-being. The panel delved into specific strategies, training methodologies, and recovery protocols that have proven effective in enhancing player longevity and maintaining peak performance.

    The Role and Challenges of Sports Tech, Data, and AI in the Next Decade: With technology evolving at an unprecedented pace, the panel addressed the role and challenges that sports tech, data, and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to face in the next decade. Barry Drust, as a leading expert in applied exercise physiology, shared insights into how advancements in technology can provide valuable data for understanding athlete physiology, biomechanics, and performance metrics. The experts explored the potential benefits and ethical considerations surrounding the increasing integration of AI and big data in sports science.

    Conducting Due Diligence on Sports Tech Adoption: Ensuring Sustainability and Measuring Impact: The conversation shifted towards the critical aspect of due diligence in adopting sports technology. Rich Buchanan, Performance Director at Zone7, emphasised the need for organizations to thoroughly evaluate and validate the efficacy of sports tech solutions before implementation. The panel discussed methodologies for assessing sustainability, measuring the impact of technology on athlete performance, and ensuring that the chosen solutions align with the team’s long-term goals and objectives.

    The perspectives shared by Glen Driscoll, Barry Drust, and Rich Buchanan provided a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the field. The future of sports management appears promising, with continuous advancements paving the way for a new era of optimised performance, reduced injuries, and enhanced player well-being.

    To view the recording, follow this link and create an account with Sportsmith.

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