a journey to empower

every athlete

to balance performance, intensity and health

Our Vision

Anyone doing sports is continuously looking for the perfect balance between performance and health.
We are on a journey to empower every athlete to find that balance and reach their full potential.



Zone7 is trusted by sports professionals around the world. The key to that trust is consistent accurate predictions.


Zone7 is built to have a direct impact on athlete availability and health. We continuously track and improve this impact.


We empower coaches, trainers and athletes to make decisions by providing easily understood


Our customers trust us with sensitive information that we safeguard using the industry’s top security measures. 

The Team

Tal Brown
CEO & Co-Founder
Tal has two decades of experience in product management, sales and AI. Prior to Zone7, he founded Salesforce's first AI team and shipped products used by millions of sales professionals. Tal began his career as a big data engineer with the IDF Intelligence Corps and later worked as a sales consultant and product launcher at Oracle.
Eyal Eliakim
CTO & Co-Founder
Eyal is an AI expert and published sports science researcher. Prior to Zone7, Eyal was a data scientist with Salesforce and a sports science researcher with Wingate Institute and several football franchises. Eyal began his career in the IDF's Intelligence Corps and was an accomplished officer and big data expert.
Peter Kurz
Director, Global Baseball
Over 35 years of experience managing US and International marketing. Currently serves as the President of the Israel Association of Baseball and has been involved in developing the sport outside the US for over 20 years. Today, Peter is merging his passion for baseball with his business experience to bring innovative technology to the sports industry.
Gary McCoy
Performance Advisor
High Performance expert working with Strength and Conditioning and Athletic Training staffs to help baseball athletes reach their full potential. Spearheaded the adoption of wearable technology focusing on applied sport science, bridging the gap between data and action.
Eitan Gelber
Sports Medicine Adivsor
MA, ATC, CSCS, CMT. Athletic Trainer with 15 years of experience in looking after the health care management of men's and women's sports teams at Stanford.

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