Embracing Client Feedback to Revolutionise Load Management Practises

The invaluable feedback garnered from our clients and partners has been seamlessly integrated into the most recent round of updates to the Zone7 platform, resulting in a series of practical workflow improvements and new features for managers, coaching staff, and practitioners.

FAQ: How Zone7 Handles Missing Workload Data

In this article, Zone7’s Performance Director, Rich Buchanan explores how the company tackles clients’ missing workload data and the methods that Zone7 employs to ensure longitudinal data integrity.

Demystification of AI in the Injury Mitigation Process

Many opinion pieces and peer reviewed research articles question the current capability of utilising AI to find meaningful insights from the available datasets but do acknowledge further research is required. In parallel, AI systems (such as Zone7) are retrospectively and prospectively demonstrating high levels of capability when it comes to accurately forecasting injury risk.