Tal Brown: Recalibrating Zone7’s AI for American Football

Zone7 CEO Tal Brown explains the process of establishing Zone7 within American Football as having four key phases; establishing a baseline, exploring the next frontier of AI in football, identifying key catalysts for success, and receiving expert guidance to fine-tune the approach.

Zone7’s Top 10 Milestones in 2022

An overview of the fantastic strides that Zone7 has made over the last 12 months from adding new clients in Football (soccer) and Football (gridiron) to the launch of the micro-cycle simulator.

Predictive Guidance: The Next Phase of Human Performance

It is a new era of ‘predictive guidance’. Early adopters can now justify their coaching and training decisions with greater certainty and free up more time to focus on crucial processes that require human attention, all while improving cost efficiency across the organization.