Embracing Client Feedback to Revolutionise Load Management Practises

The invaluable feedback garnered from our clients and partners has been seamlessly integrated into the most recent round of updates to the Zone7 platform, resulting in a series of practical workflow improvements and new features for managers, coaching staff, and practitioners.

How Improving Designated Player Availability in MLS Could Save Millions

DPs are the main draws, the star attractions. From a marketing perspective, these are the talents with which the MLS is sold around the world. As a result, making sense of their performance data, mitigating injury risk, and managing their workload is crucial to the success of the team and the league, both on and off the pitch.

FAQ: How Zone7 Handles Missing Workload Data

In this article, Zone7’s Performance Director, Rich Buchanan explores how the company tackles clients’ missing workload data and the methods that Zone7 employs to ensure longitudinal data integrity.