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As part of svexa's performance intelligence portfolio, Zone7 can harness the power of AI to enable greater availability and human performance across your organization.

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The thing I like most about Zone7 is that they’re constantly updating the algorithm, constantly evolving, constantly on the front foot... To have the AI working in our environment to support our internal monitoring system gives us a certain sense of safety around our player management recommendations.

Conall Murtagh

First Team Fitness Coach, Liverpool FC

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Can AI Disrupt Sports Insurance Markets?

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly embraced by insurers world-wide, Zone7 has the potential to be a protective measure for policyholders within the sports industry.

How Football Can Embrace AI Beyond the Transfer Window

Clubs are investing huge resources in data analysis and AI for players they don’t yet own. However, there is clear evidence for also expanding this investment into systems for the players they already have within their squad.

Five Best Practices for Evaluating Risk Forecasting Solutions

From demanding a validation study to throwing a curve ball, Zone7 CEO Tal Brown offers five best practices that teams, leagues, and other organizations can run to filter out ineffective providers and their solutions.

Should You Build or Buy an AI Injury Forecasting Model

While clubs have managed to build a number of successful data informed technology solutions in the past, they are likely to run into a few critical issues when it comes to building out an AI-driven solution to address injury risk forecasting and workload management.

How AI Became an Ally to the Medical Staff at SSC Napoli

At the Isokinetic Conference 2023, Dr Raffaele Landolfi, medical director at SSC Napoli, gave his first hand perspective on working with Zone7 and appling AI within his Scudetto-winning environment.

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Applying AI within High Performance Sport

Jo Clubb and Zone7 have worked together to create this report for practitioners and medical staff working within high performance sporting environments to address their core questions concerning the applications of AI.

Importance of Workload, Strength, Recovery and Context Data

The number of human performance data sets is exploding. In the world of injury and load management knowing what data sets really matter can key to a successful season. So how do different datasets contribute to the accuracy and usability of injury forecasting models?
We are in our fifth season as a professional team, but even a club with 100 years of history cannot match the multiple data points from multiple clubs and environments that Zone7’s AI platform offers. When we were ready to determine whether to adopt Zone7, that context made the decision relatively easy for us.

Gavin Benjafield

Performance Director and Assistant Coach, Los Angeles FC
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